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New Skills Tutorial! Variations of the Monkey!
Cartwheel Tutorial - Quick and Easy Tips to a Better Cartwheel!!!
Skills Tutorial - 3 new cartwheel variations to add to your next routine!!!
Dance Class Clips from Aug 2023 - Current
Dance Reel -  Stephanie Otis 2024
How to do a Basic Shoulder Roll & a Split Shoulder Roll - FULL Breakdown!
3 things you need to achieve the perfect bridge!
Drills for Stronger Pirouettes - Quick Follow Along Workout
Foot Strengthen & Stretch Workout - 10 minute Follow Along Routine
How to achieve your dance goals! Becoming a Better Dancer using S.M.A.R.T
Maximize Your Flexibility Results by understanding the Different Types of Stretching Techniques
How to do a Back walkover! Learn the progressions in just 7 minutes!!!!
Improve your Turnout! How to safely increase your rotation for dance!
Dancer’s Full Body Warm-Up & Conditioning!
Full Body Acro/Gymnastics Warm-Up & Conditioning! Get your body ready for any skills!
How to do a Backbend Kickover! Learn how in less than 7 Minutes!!!
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